DRUGS KILL...especially those designed to help with depression. It’s a money game, PEOPLE, hosted by the big drug companies. Wake UP!!!! They are killing you at any cost just to make a profit all the while claiming they are here to help you. I wish more people would just understand this. Perhaps, you are one who has been “helped” by these drugs that rearrange your thinking.…God help you when you try to get off of them. DO NOT do it without the help of a physician. DO NOT let them (dr.s) talk you out of it, either. They are puppets for the institution that wines and dines them.  WE are the guinea pigs!!lab guinnea pig

Read the comment under this news report. It was written by Ann Blake-Tracey. Her comment says it all. PLEASE READ the following links, as well. You will be informed if you do.

The article was sent to me by a good friend who knows my plight about suicide and that my son confided in me that he was taking zoloft to help him deal with mood swings and depression. I can never rest while I breathe….and plan to keep what I find out at the forefront of my blog.

Woman found dead in car with dozens of dogs was director of Animal Rights Foundation

Posted: Nov 08, 2013 10:27 AM PST

Sandra Lertzman (Source: Animalrightsfoundation.com)


19 Action News has learned the woman found dead in her car with 31 dogs was an Executive Director at the Animal Rights Foundation.

Moreland Hills Police were called to a home in the 31000 block of Jackson Road on Monday night after a friend found the body of Sandra Lertzman, 62, inside her car along with 31 dogs, most of them puppies.

Police say Lertzman’s car was still running in her garage. Detectives found several prescription vials in the vehicle and a suicide note inside the house.

Police aren’t sure how long Lertzman and the pets were dead before they were found, but investigators say she was last seen on Sunday.

Investigators also tell 19 Action News one of the puppies managed to get out of the car and get air from a small opening in the closed garage. The surviving puppy is now recovering with a member of Lertzman’s family.


 Ann Blake-Tracy · Top Commenter · Executive Director, International Coalition for Drug Awareness (www.drugawareness.org) at Executive Director, International Coalition for Drug Awareness This has little to do with her caring for the animals and having their interests at heart. It does have everything to do with why she became increasingly depressed since losing her son about a decade ago. They found her with the answer – prescription drugs. After spending 2 1/2 decades testifying in cases involving antidepressants, writing about them, educating about them, etc. I can tell you the answer is there. Antidepressants CAUSE depression and suicide. They do not cure it. The serotonin lies are huge money makers for drug companies and complete nightmares, literally, for those who fall for the lies. These drugs produce horrifying nightmares and then sleepwalk. How many times I have heard the words “I acted out my worst nightmare on this drug?!” Seems clear that this would be her worst nightmare. Of those being diagnosed with this deadly sleep disorder, 86% are taking an antidepressant! But withdrawal can increase the odds of this and must be avoided by VERY, VERY gradual reduction.






One thought on “DRUGS KILL

  1. Fascinating– to learn about the connection between the makers of “Prozac”…and “LSD”…I had no idea! Thanks for posting this “insider” info, about what’s really going on with this huge money-making industry!

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