The following is a prayer that I found between the pages of my son’s Bible. It was through the Divine supernatural that I even have possession of it…for it was among the things he and his wife had in storage. Thankfully, I had the forethought to contact the storage company and let them know my phone number in case she was to renege on the contract and not pay for the storage. I would do anything to have what was my son’s. 

Not long after we moved back to our hometown, from our dream home and bed and breakfast in Alabama, I received a call from the new manager of the storage company. Fortunately, the young lady had gone to school with Brandon. She called our new number that had not had time to be printed in the phone book or in any place of record. In fact, she went through the phone book and called every Heath in it (none of whom we are related) and coincidentally (?) someone had our NEW number. We will never know who this was because she could not remember, but no one should have had our number anyway! We were invited to come to the storage and retrieve any of Brandon’s things at no cost to us. The young lady had a compassionate heart and for that I will always be thankful. I painfully and closely held each item that had been my child’s, inhaling a fragrance of all that once was. I do not believe in coincidences….to coin a new word…I believe in Godcidences….those inexplicable happenings of Divine Intervention….and no human can ever persuade differently. God knew I needed this prayer…my son’s prayer.

There is a bitter sweetness to having these words, now framed above my bed. I read my son’s true feelings for our Lord, and oftentimes I have cried at knowing the words, “Save me Lord. I will not let go of You” because in my frail human state of understanding…through this muddy grief…that “to save” means so much more. I can never equate that kind of “save” to the one our Lord had in mind.  I believe I was meant to have this prayer if for no other reason than to know my son’s relationship with God in a more intimate way.

Prayer ..Brandon’s Psalm
by Michael Brandon Heath

I trust in you, O’ Lord,
my Savior, the One who died and rose again….
the One who brought me in and will carry me out,
the Almighty waters and tides that bring us life.
I come to You when there is no where else to turn,
I come to You when there is.
I look to You as my guiding Light, my Savior….
the One who created all I see-
created my life and dreams before I knew myself~
created my talents and style before I knew the value~
I praise You and adore Your mystery.
I will be strong and conquer as You would want for me.
I beg of your blessings and miracles
even though I am unworthy of Your power….
Yet, I trust in You~
and know You have already begun Your work.
I love You.
I don’t know if that is a good enough word, “love”~
But I know You on a level—beyond words.
Save me Lord.
I will not let go of You.
Hear me O’ Lord.
In Christ’s Powerful Name  Amen….(art and prayer by Brandon)

Image Picture drawn by Brandon when he was twelve.


3 thoughts on “Coincidence…not.

  1. Thank you Susan, yes, I do know that now but in the beginning I was a fragile mess and my heart and mind was in a state of panic…God knew that I must have relief in the only way He could provide. Love,

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