In Memory of my son, Michael Brandon Heath

I made this video in memory of my sweet boy. What a wonderful gift I had for a moment……You are and always will be my “sonshine.”


  1. A beautiful and moving tribute to a wonderful son, Dale. It brought tears to my eyes. There is so much we cannot understand the “Why?” of, in our frail, earthly state. When faced with waves of almost drowning sorrow, I forcibly remind myself to think of the “WOW!” (for them)…that co-exists with the “Why?” (for me…)

    Although…when we have our moments of connectedness–like with you and the song “It Is Well…”– we too, share in the “WOW!” factor!

    I am so glad that “the book of life”… doesn’t end on a sad note and that is what I am most grateful for! …The gift of eternal life through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ… and Reunion with our departed darlings!


  2. I only have peace because I KNOW, Donna, that my son is well and with our Lord. I know that the joy there is like no other. You and I have our children waiting for us along with all others who are with Jesus. WOW…..


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